Portrait Of The Woman

Weronika Sura’s project “Portrait of the woman” is a women’s project, about women and in tribute to women. The performance is entirely devoted to Spanish music and flamenco. “Portrait of the woman” is an unusual concert. First of all, it is a story about women who broke schemes, risked, who could be characterized as courageous, strong, but also incredibly feminine. The personages, we need to talk and remind about, because they could be an inspiration for contemporary women. Spain is  the common denominator of their stories. The stories of women combine with specific music works. In the concert we present music of Spanish composers, among others:  I. Albeniz, F. Tárrega, F. Obradors  and M. de Falla, as well as works of other musicians which perfectly reflect the essence of Spanish culture. The music works are performed solo, in duo, trio and in the whole ensamble. Arrangements of chamber music were made by  composers Zuzanna Falkowska and Agata Kurzyk.

The women, who create the project:

Weronika Sura – accordion

Wiktoria Szubelak – guitar

Michalina Krasowska – violin

Olga Rusin – voice