1. Isaak  Albéniz – Cantos de España op. 232: Cordoba
2. Martin Lohse – Passing I
3.   – Passing II
4.   – Passing III
5. Antonio Soler – Sonata no. 84
6. Fermín Gurbindo – Fantasia para accordion
7. Anatolij Beloshitsky – Suita no. 3:
8.   –  cz. I – Intrada. Alboka
9.   – cz. II – Old Fortress
10.   – cz. III – Road to Cordoba
11.   – cz. IV – Cantaor
12.   – cz. V – Bailaora
13.   – cz. VI – By the Cradle
14.   – cz. VII –  Saeta

“Road to Cordoba” is my first, but very resolute voice. The result of my many years of work and experience. In my artistic search, I reached for music from around the world. I wanted to understand it, feel it, move into the unknown, or maybe just get away from daily life, from my place. Music gives me this opportunity. In Spanish music I found the sun, which I sometimes miss. That is why a significant part of this album’s repertoire is Spanish music. I loved this fiery temperament, this naturalness that needs nothing but honesty in interpretation. However, I still felt that I had to search explore.

I reached for the extreme – from sunny Spain, I went to cold Scandinavia. Another infatuation – the music by Martin Lohse. The music seemed honest to me, it felt real and beautiful. It had to be part of this album. Why such an extreme? Why is the music from Denmark in Spanish repertoire? Just ask yourself: is it possible for a human being to be one hundred percent coherent? I am choleric on a par with melancholic.

I am a person full of contrasts, and this album reflects my character and my interests. These contrasts shape me as an entity, as a human of flesh and blood, with my individual values and dreams. This album is my dream come true. This album – is me.